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8 things to check when the upper thread breaks

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Threading? Checked. Needle? Checked. Tension? Checked.

We’ve got the 4 reasons of skipped stitches uncovered

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Goodbye, skipped stitches.

3 proven ways to avoid thread bunching

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Thread bunching under the fabric? Maybe you need to check out whether the machine is threaded correctly first.

How to insert the bobbin

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

Make sure the thread passes the thread side slots.

How to thread the upper thread and raise the bobbin

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

The essentials of threading, illustrated.

The quick guide to 12 common sewing machine problems

勝家(香港) Singer® Hong Kong

The guide to common sewing machine issues you've been looking for. Good news: you can solve them by yourself.
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