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Tote bag in 3 ways

Tote bags are great–they are simple and versatile, able to store all your belongings well. With different designs, they can spice up your minimalistic outfit with its sharp colors or eye-catching slogan. But the best thing about tote bags is that they are easy to make and personalize! If you want to get a unique tote bag, look no further–we've come up with three ideas to personalize your tote bag. 

Colors and patterns

Tote bag with colored webbing | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

If you have a keen eye for color, you can spruce it up by sewing webbings of different colors and patterns to it. Whether you prefer muted neutrals or bold primary colors, it is an easy way to personalize your bag. You can also change handles with a different color webbing if you want to. 

Tote bag with colored webbing as handles | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

Minimal shapes and patchwork

Tote bag with patchwork | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

If you'd like to add your own design to tote bag but have no idea where to start, patchwork and shapes can be a good start. It doesn't have to be complicated like to traditional patchwork, just some shapes and patterns with a minimal aesthetic will do. Try to play with colors, sizes of the shapes to make a good contrast in the design.  

Tote bag with minimal shapes | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

Utilize space

Tote bag with outer pocket | Sewing project © Singer® Hong Kong

If you are a bit more practical, you can utilize the space the tote bag offers by sewing more pockets outside or inside the bag. This is a good way to store smaller objects while still everything organized. You can also add zippers to these pockets, or the bag itself. 

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